Parker Töltőtoll patronok

As low as 1 612,62 Ft
  • Rendelt 15:00 előtt, gravírozva és ma elküldve
  • Ingyenes szállítás 38 938,88 Ft feletti rendelés esetén


Parker Fountain Pen Refill

The Parker Fountain Pen Refill guarantees maximum performance and optimum reliability thanks to an extra-smooth writing experience. The refill also features intense color and has a fast drying time, making the ink virtually non-staining.

Suitable for any fountain pen

The Parker Fountain Pen Refill/Refill features a standard size, allowing the refills to be used in any fountain pen. The refills are available in multiple colors, so you can underline your personal style.

Parker offers leading quality

The Parker Fountain Pen Refill/Refill exemplifies the industry-leading quality that Parker has pursued in the field of pens for more than 120 years. Parker pens are not only pleasant writing instruments, they are also a style icon and will last for years.


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